The EURO-CAS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.727028.

(Graph with EURO-CAS WPs)

WP1 - Project management

Work package 1 will take care of the general project management and administration of the EURO-CAS project.  It will liaise with the European Commission (EC), facilitate effective information exchange within the consortium, address contractual and reporting requirements, and coordinate the project governance.

The work package is led by EIBIR.

WP2 - Analysis of existing schemes

Work package 2 will analyse existing interoperability testing procedures and conformity schemes, both in terms of their processes and their business aspects. It will particularly look at eHealth schemes but also beyond. The findings of the work package will be made available already in July 2017, and form the basis of further work. 

The work package is led by Medcom.

WP3 - European and national requirements

Work package 3 will look at the demand side and investigate the specific needs of the regional, national and cross-border eHealth projects with regards to conformity and interoperability of the products they want to use in their respective eHealth networks.  The work package will work in parallel with WP2 and deliver its report in October 2017. 

The work package is led by OFFIS.

WP4 - Conformity assessment scheme for Europe

Work package 4 will deliver the key deliverable of the project:  the actual conformity assessment scheme (CAS). Building on the prior work of the WPs 2 and 3, the CAS will be aligned with the eHealth European Interoperability Framework and consider both cross border requirements and national/regional needs. The CAS will include a guideline for the implementation of the national/regional scheme, and for appropriate governance. A first draft is expected in April 2018.

The work package is led by IHE-Europe.

WP5 - Business model applied to the conformity assessment programme

Work package 5 will, on the basis of the results of WP4, evaluate the costs of the CAS for Europe Program, identify various funding scenarios, and propose a roadmap to deploy the programme.

The work package is led by COCIR.

WP6 - Validation and communication

WP 6 will ensure the wider impact and validation of the conformity assessment scheme through workshops and conferences convening policymakers, experts and stakeholders at the European and national levels, and will gather feedback that will inform the further refinement of the conformity assessment scheme. The WP will also run the communication activities of the project.

The work package is led by Agence eSanté Luxembourg.